What’s in a Name Anyway?

When I began my journey into the world of building a brand, I had no idea what to call myself….or my business. There were so many different sides to me and what I had to offer that it became a never-ending battle of finding the “perfect” name.  And I was stuck there, for a long time. There is nothing worse than getting taken down by perfectionism. How could I possibly narrow it down to just one particular thing? Finding a “business” name to embrace all of me, my quirks, my beliefs, my services, my personality, my ideas….products,etc. was wearing me down and keeping me at square 1.

I knew what I wanted to create. I knew how I wanted to make people feel. I wanted to be real. I wanted to build trust. I wanted to be relatable. I wanted people to like me for me….like the way I feel about Marie Forleo, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gabby Berstein, Darren Hardy, Joel Osteen and so many more amazing people. I noticed what they meant to me. They were my buddies.  I knew them on a first name basis. That’s what I wanted too. Which is why I chose to keep my name…with a twist of course.

I choose to be a person….a representative of all of the different things that I love to do and create, from course creation to family time.  I want to build a friendship with my audience. I want them to feel like they really know me. Business Michelle is the same as dance mom, taxi mom, wife, teacher, artist, speaker….you get the picture. No need to put on different hats. People connect with people. True authentic connection builds trust. Trust and network marketing are key.

I am so happy to share with you how I came up with my name for my business and what it means to me. I am a business woman with a lot of heart. I can stand a gimmick and I thought long and hard about how I could portray that to the people that I love and serve.

Michelle Marie Lifestyle Revolutionist!

Yes, my first name is Michelle. My middle name is Marie. That part was easy. I didn’t want to use a last name. No story behind it. I just didn’t really dig either my married or my maiden name. (Sorry hubby…..love you <3) Michelle Marie sounded nice and I liked it the way that it was.  Simple. Uncomplicated. Like me. 🙂

The next part of the story is my favorite! I am a HUGE history buff and I especially love the American Revolution. A time of change. I read a LOT about the players in the revolution and I saw what could happen with perseverance, faith and passion. I saw that in myself. I knew that in my soul I was going to do something really huge. It’s a continuous whisper that won’t let me sit still. It’s why I keep going and challenging myself to be do more…to be better…to inspire…and to create change. To help others discover their strengths and to focus on their uniqueness. To embrace who we are and to realize that each and every one of us are a masterpiece.  From the very beginning of my existence, I knew that there was no real way to DO something. I never understood why we had to follow along…like a sardine. And try to fit in. To be like everyone else.

And THIS is where the second part of my name comes into play…Lifestyle. We are in a place in time where we can do anything that we want to do. ANYTHING. Never before has there been such a time of opportunity for the individual. For the entrepreneur. For the person that has something…which we all do…that someone else needs and to be able to reach people on a global level. No longer are we competing with the other shops or services in our own towns. This is HUGE. And for those of us that want to make changes and learn how we can leverage this in order to create a life that we LOVE …it is a blessing! A gift. No longer do we need to follow the 9-5 grind just to wake up and do it again the following day. No longer are the weekends the day to look forward to. Every day is a day to look forward to when you have the freedom of creating a life that is extraordinary. It’s a change in lifestyle and I’m leading the pack of brave pioneers that know there is a better way.

So, a Lifestyle Revolutionist…me…Michelle Marie…is a an introverted dark haired chick that has been called to step out of her comfort zone to help people discover their passion and to believe in themselves while building a business and a life filled with laughter, service, true connection and authentic joy. It is my honor to help individuals create a life that they love, spend time with the people that they love and be of service to others. It;s what feels right. It’s what my soul tells me that I have to do. I’m lead by my heart.

When choosing the name of your business, or your brand, think carefully about who you are and how to want to present yourself to the world. Don’t worry about what people think. Be you. You are the CEO of your life. Do what you love. Be who you love and share the love with others.

It’s a Lifestyle Revolution! Are you coming or what?

Michelle Marie

Lifestyle Revolutionist


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The Key to Connecting with Your Customers Online.

There are Over 7 Billion People in the World!! Are You Getting the Good “ol Not Interested??

When I started my journey as a professional network marketer 1 year ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, however I was thrilled with my new business and eager to be trained.  I took the steps that I needed to take in order to build my new business and respected the fact that as a newbie it was going to take me a little while to master what I needed in order to be successful. I made my business first priority in my life and I love every minute of it. But….

There was a slight problem I was having.  The things that I learned were not working when it came to approaching people online and when I did…..I felt like a spammer. Not a good feeling at all.  That was a dilemma for me considering that the reason I wanted to get involved in the first place was because I LOVED networking with people from all over the world and I saw the huge growth potential. I was excited to be able to help others in their journey of health and also excited to help them achieve their financial goals. That’s when I did a little brainstorming about what I know about online networking and began to apply it to my business. The result? A true, loving, respectful and authentic online relationship. And a happy me. <3

Here is my story….

I have been educated  and continue to be educated by the best of the best in connecting with customers and prospects through social media and authentic online connection. So….it should have been easy for me to get my biz going online as well as with my warm market, right? Not so much. I threw all of that training right out of the window when I began my journey as a network marketing professional. I became frustrated. I didn’t understand how to “work” my business online and I was really tired of feeling like everyone was starting to hate me.  Not for long though….thank goodness. It was then when I quit my cryin’, figured out a few things and put together a not-so-new but pretty new way of doing things online. Finally, I can begin to share with you what I learned and what I know about true connection.

Disclaimer: I’m pretty savvy when it comes to online connection but this is in no way a replacement for the good ‘ol knee-to-knee personal coffee dates and meetings that we are so blessed to have with our warm market. There is nothing better than human interaction!! I’ve worked from home for years on the computer and couldn’t WAIT to take one my children to an activity where there were actual people. 🙂 #truth

Let’s get to it! A huge mistake that I made as a network marketing professional was that I believed that my products and services were for EVERYONE.  I thought that what my dear friend brought to me was amazing and that every single person on the planet would think so as well….which is why it was super frustrating for people not to just love it….like I did. Never-mind trying to connect with business prospects and customers online!! That was an entirely different vehicle altogether!! I was all over the place. In a million groups, talking to a million people and without a plan or a focus on what it was that I was trying to do or who I was trying to help.  I was a hunter and people were scared. I could network like a champ before in my other businesses….what was the difference now? Why was this particular business model so different and why were people not buying? I’ll tell you why…

I didn’t try to understand my customer. I didn’t know exactly WHO my customer was. For me it was everyone and that was huge mistake. My words were unauthentic and dry. I wasn’t myself. I didn’t take the time to see what people were saying or how they were feeling….I was just “doing business”. It felt yucky.

I’m a soul based entrepreneur. I didn’t like the way that I was feeling at all!

The truth is that it is vitally important to completely understand your customer for both a more profitable AND purposeful business. Purpose is a big one for me. I’m ready to start changing some lives….YES! I live to inspire…and teach…and love.  When you truly know who it is that your product or service can help,  then and only then will your marketing will be better and more focused.  The way that you connect and speak to your customer through copy will be better. You will be able to touch them with your words through emotion and compassion and in turn they will trust you! Isn’t that what we want? The hardest part is focusing on ONE particular customer….yes just one. For now.

So, here is the dilemma that I had when trying to understand this:

But, I don’t just have one type of customer! My products can help everyone!

How true is that?! I know that in my own company their are at least 6 different “types” of customers or business partners that I can think of. I didn’t want to leave anyone out.

There will be a time when you can segment your customers and create different marketing plans for each, but for now it’s important to focus on just one. Which product are you most comfortable with talking about? Think about that for a moment. Now begin to think of who that customer is. What type of a person is looking for what you are offering? It is really important to learn how to speak to one particular person. Like you are their friend….because you are. Because THIS is what an authentic and loving connection is all about.

When you do this, your writing will be more personable. It will connect. When you take the time to get to know who you are trying to talk to, your copy will be filled with emotion, love and heart. It will be genuine. It’s really just about getting to know them. Stepping into their shoes…learning about their hopes, fears and dreams.

Take Action!

Create a folder for your ideal customer and begin gathering information. Ask yourself these questions and answer them as best you can. Don’t get stuck here! If you don’t know, than move on! It’s like meeting a new friend. There are some things that you just don’t know right away and as you get to know them….you find out!

What do they have in common?

Identify the demographics (age, gender, income, marital status, industry, children, etc.)

Identify the psychographics (values, beliefs, worldviews, interests, hobbies, lifestyle, etc.)

Where do they like to hang out?

What books do they read?

What social media platforms do they spend the most time on? What groups do they belong to?

What Youtube Channels do they subscribe to?

What television programs do they watch?

Do they go to the gym? Is health important?

What blog posts do they read on a regular basis?

The closer you get to know your customer the more they will feel that you are talking directly to them.


How do you get to know their desires, hopes, dreams and fears?


Go ahead and ask them! You will find thousands of groups, blogs, forums of all kinds, and just general Facebook newsfeed posts where people are talking! They are sharing what they love. They are asking questions. They are voicing their concerns. Their voices are everywhere and they are not afraid to tell you how they feel. Your job is to figure out where YOUR ideal customer is talking.

For example, you are a health coach. You are also a distributor for Vitamin Vitamin (totally made up company) which sells a topical lotion that contains your daily dose of vitamins. Now, you will need to find blogs that are related to the customer you intend to serve….who loves their daily dose of vitamins! Start with a search of “The Top Vitamin” blogs. I guarantee that more than a few will pop up. Scan the comments section and see what the conversation is about! What are they saying? Or, search within groups on Facebook. What types of things are they asking?  What problems are they addressing? What are they excited about? What is working or not working for them in relation to how you can help?

Begin writing down what your ideal customer is saying. I keep a “copy folder” in which I write down everything that they talk about, what they fear, what bothers them, what makes them happy….you get the picture. You will use these words to connect with your customer when you begin to create your own content. By taking the time to understand them on an emotional level, you will be able to connect with them with love and understanding.

Now get to it! Start finding out all about who you intend to serve and give the best of who you are. Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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Michelle Marie

Lifestyle Revolutionist


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Building a Personal Brand and Attraction Marketing…..Supercharge Your Business!!

What exactly does it mean to build a personal BRAND? Why would it be important and what in the world does it have to do with building a network marketing business? As if there isn’t already enough to learn and to do on a daily business to work the incredibly amazing biz that you have….building a brand is worth the extra time and effort and will pay off in the end. Combine that with the efforts of a little attraction marketing and you have a recipe for success my friends!  If you can’t figure out why you cannot connect with people online with your amazing opportunity or your products….it’s because you are doing it all wrong.

Let me tell you a quick story first…just so that you  know HOW I know this to be true. Then, I would like to share how you can do it too!! Like you, I am very excited about being a professional network marketer. In fact, I love it. I believe in my company, I love my team, I have gown into a courageous leader and I am learning new skills every single day. It’s great. I’m still learning though, as I hope you are too.

So, my area of expertise is building online relationships. I know a heck of a lot about social media, email marketing, creating cool FREEBIES and giving things away. Helping people is what I have always done. I have been trained in my previous businesses to be a giver. It is what I went to school for. It is how I like to work. I have an incredible passion for meeting new people and I have never had any problem connecting with others from all over the world….online. So, when I bought my network marketing business one year ago <yay!! Best Day Ever> I was trained in a different way. I had to learn new principles about this business and how it works.  I had to follow the blueprint of success. I soaked in every piece of information that I could from my team, from the industry and from the top leaders. I soaked it in like a sponge.

This worked for me with my warm market. I understood how to make calls, sit down knee-to-knee and get people to come to meetings. I respect that it will take me a little while to get the people that are interested in the information to make a decision. I care about them and I never want to force the “sale”. We all know this side of things. It did NOT work for me online however. Applying these techniques to attempt to connect with peeps online only made me feel like a loser. I saw that others were doing the same thing all over the place and I was in a field of sammies (pronounced SAY-MEES). People were posting their opportunity and products all over the place and all I heard were crickets. No comments…no interest…NOTHING. Because we’ve all heard it before. If not from my company, than from yours.

Here is where I was going to throw in the towel. All of those people that I could connect with before were not listening to me.  I felt conflicted. I got quiet. I did nothing. I put it down. I felt lost. I knew what I could do online for goodness sake!! I knew that it was going to be a little different from what I was taught to do so I felt stuck….like I wasn’t supposed to do something different. I am ordinarily a rule follower but it was getting in my way of ME being ME. I popped in and out of my business all of the time. Feast or Famine. That was my game and it was because I was operating outside of myself.

Then I remembered about a great book that I read called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill  (Read it if you haven’t. It’s amazeballs.) It spoke of not stopping 3 feet from the goal. When you are overtaken by defeat it is so important to push forward. Your greatest success in life will always come AFTER you have almost quit.

And that’s all I needed. I know what I’m doing. I know how to connect with people. And I can do it in a way where there is no chasing. No bad feelings. No feeling like a spammy cheeseball. Just good…authentic…caring and loving connection. <3

Lets’ get to it.

This is the age of the individual. The Rise of the Entrepreneur!! Now more than ever people all over the world are taking back their lives and becoming the CEO of their own life.  Take a Q from one of the most influential men of all time, Jim Rohn as he states,

“Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the real person.”

Isn’t that good news?? I would like to add to that by saying that it’s taking the place of big businesses as well! They are taking their products and putting them in the hands of the consumers and saving billions in marketing and advertising costs. Smarty pants indeed.

So, what does this have to do with building a personal brand? Because people CONNECT with people. That’s why. And when you build an online personality where you share your hopes and dreams and failures and fears and you take your mask off…you CONNECT with other people. Some will like you. Some will hate you and come won’t even think about you. And that is OK. Most of us are afraid to put ourselves out there and share who we are and speak about things that are important to us because we are afraid of what people will think. It’s time for you to ditch that fear and take control of what you are destined to do. We are able to reach people in every corner of the world and I promise you that there are people looking for what you have to offer and that want to join you in what you are doing.

What about attraction marketing? How do we tie both of these together and make it work for network marketing professionals? First we need to define what attraction marketing is.

Attraction marketing is also known as reverse marketing. There are so many different concepts and ways to use attraction marketing in your business but for the sake of giving you a general idea of how it works…i”m going to keep it simple.

Basically, it is about identifying what you have and how it can help the people that need it. It is about sharing information related to what you do through blogging, social media, your website and other ways of communicating with people via other media platforms. It’s about building a relationship with people that are LOOKING for what you are sharing. People that go online are either searching for information or are looking to be entertained. They are not looking to be sold. If they seek information, and you provide that information, than you are providing VALUE. Not a sales pitch. In this way you are establishing yourself as an expert and people will seek out your opinion. You are ATTRACTING them to you.

Does that mean you post a link or a video directly related to your product? Or hold up your product with a “I feel great because I took this today!” selfie. No. Not exactly. I mean that’s okay sometimes but that not what is going to work. That’s everywhere and no one is buying.

Let me share with you an example. Say your company sells a special type of supplement or “activator” in pill form that you give to your dog in order to reduce oxidative stress. Which do you think would be more effective? Sharing a selfie with you and your dog while holding the bottle and posting a comment such as, “So happy that I get to enjoy extra years with my furry friend because I know how to reduce his oxidative stress!” OR an article…written by you…sharing the effects of oxidative stress on dogs and how it may effect them. Keeping it personal and real through a mix of storytelling and facts with a super great headline that grabs attention. Being you. Sharing info and providing value to others so that THEY TOO may know the importance….if they happen to be looking for new health trends for dogs. Do you see the difference? In the second example you open the door to questions. You have created a conversation and if someone asks you if you know HOW to do this…than you can offer them the gift of your product or opportunity. This can be done with ANY product if you just think of how it helps people and create content around that subject…without putting a product name on it. Get the conversation going and turn the word SELL into HELP.

How do you combine the two of these together? Be aware of how you appear in the world and how you are recognized. What do you stand for? What do you believe in? Who are you?  Provide consistent and ongoing information and value relating to your passions, your life, your fears and mix it with informative posts that are related to your network marketing business in the way I spoke of above. Work on building a relationship with people. People need to trust you and that takes time. Making yourself visible every single day will do that. Notice that they will start to ask you what you are buying and what they should buy and better yet,….what opportunity are you involved in. Become an information resource and a trusted authority in your area of expertise. Always serve first.

Your business is your brand. It’s YOU. It’s your face, your vitality, your confidence, your enthusiasm and your solution! It’s how you serve others. It’s how you solve their problems and build relationships built on trust. It’s how you provide consistent value and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It’s how you bring people together and how you help others to achieve their goals. It’s how you inspire others to keep going and not to give up. It’s about being human and about love. <3 And when it comes from the heart than it’s right.

I am so happy that I have taken charge of my life and am thrilled to share with you everything that I know about authentic online connection. Always be yourself first. Stay true to you.

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Have a blessed day!


Michelle Marie



Your Words are Killing Your Business


I am very upfront and open and honest about my love for Jesus. I believe in spirituality and being good to people and all that amazing feel good giving kind of stuff. <3 I base all of my businesses on that. I believe that the more you give…the more that you shall receive. We…YOU…have something that is so uniquely yours to give that once you are gone it cannot possibly be replicated in any way, shape or form. Do you have an obligation to help people and connect with people? Yes! You really…truly…do. You are a masterpiece my friend. One of a kind. Who says that you are not making a difference or “working” just because it may seem super easy to just chill and be yourself..connecting with people and sharing information and stories and offering your service. The joy of simplicity! Geeesh! God didn’t say let there be light…oceans…animals…the Sabbath and 9-5 baby!! You are equipped!!

Don’t believe that you have anything to offer anyone? That’s bogus dude!! You are one of a kind! You are a wonderfully made! You were created to bring joy, love and a connection to everyone that you meet that no one else on this earth can possibly duplicate. How amazing is that!? Why do you not believe it!? You did when you were a child. Remember how bold you were when you were a little one? You would just say it how it was…because you weren’t tainted. You knew who you were and were like “what’s your problem”  when people would tell you, “That’s not going to happen. You have to do A. B and C.” And you thought, well…why can’t I just have a pony and live in a magical fairy land? You were broken down over the years. You conformed. You lost your belief in yourself. You were Put. In.Your. Place. <i feel like talking like a robot>

Why does this matter?? Because you have been conditioned to talk to yourself in the same way! You can choose to bless or to curse your life by your words. Do NOT speak defeat!! What are you saying to yourself? Is it, “I am not good enough”, “I cannot find a business partner”, “People don’t like me”, “I can’t do this”. You are prophesying your reality! When you say these things to yourself you are bringing your words to life. Why is it so easy to talk negatively to ourselves. It’s time to stop . Turn it around and watch the world around you change. BELIEVE that you are connecting with the right people. Bring those positive thoughts into life. Why not say,

“I am blessed.”

“The right people are coming my way and we are going to change the world by helping one another achieve our purpose.”

“I am qualified to be a leader!”

“My business is growing and people are seeking out what I have to offer.”

“I am smart, happy, a good friend and a good person.”

“There is no one like me! I am uniquely made.”

“All of my dreams are on their way.”

It’s really about what you are calling into your life. Are you calling in the right things?  Because you are creating your life by the words that you speak. Guard what comes out of your mouth. Negative thoughts will come to pass in your mind. It’s hard to completely stop the negativity. But the words that you speak out loud are the things that you are either cursing or blessing your life with. I believe it was in David where God spoke specifically about “bringing to life the words that you speak.” I can’t remember exactly what was said, but I’ll believe that! No thank you to the words of mediocrity or defeat. What you say will become your reality and don’t let that keep you from your destiny!

Build your business by teaching people how to become a community of dreamers and doers! Build a culture of postitivity, of change, of creating your reality and seeing your destiny come to fruition for yourself and for your partners. Talk about the promise! This is where divine connections come your way. The funny thing that I learned about thoughts is that if you leave them in your mind and don’t speak of them, they become stillborn. If you don’t verbalize the negative things that you are saying to yourself then they will die. The best way for you to get better and better at this…..and anything else for that matter is by teaching others to do the same. If you need to get positive with the things that you are saying to yourself and grow your business by being a person that people want to be around…a light…a joy, then teach your community how to be that type of a person. Show them.

There are 2 types of voices in your head my friend. One that speaks defeat. And 1 that speaks about faith. I prefer to listen to my voice of faith. The voice that is saying that there is a way! There is favor in my life and that I am about to have a breakthrough! That people are drawn to me because I truly, deeply and lovingly WANT to help them believe that they are so very special and that they have a gift and that life is so good and that they can change the world. The voice that pushes me to my destiny and that is providing me a platform to be a vehicle of change and a provider of faith. That feels so much better than listening to the voice of defeat. I’ve learned to take that voice and tell it go know you know where….

What I have found so special about adding this faith and self-talk into my business is that by teaching others to do the same, we are duplicating love. I know that duplication is a huge part of what we do as connectors, as business builders, as professional network marketers. We want to teach people how to do the same things so that the process is duplicated and you have a successful business, right? Why not add this power to the duplication process?  Teach the business and teach the power of self talk. Build your team from the soul. How pleased God….the universe..Allah..spirit… must be to see this form of “duplication”. The kind where you are showing  people how to love themselves. To believe in themselves. To help them become the masterpiece that they were created to be. Your community does the same thing.  You are duplicating love. That is so very powerful. and love can change the world. GO ahead and sprinkle that shit everywhere, but don’t forget to start with yourself.